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* Scent Detective: Begining Nosework Games
* Odor targeting, recognition and detection basics
* Odor targeting, recognition and detection advanced
* Odor detection in the service and medical world

Scent Detective: Begining Nosework Games

per 8 week class
  • Dogs have an amazing sense of smell created over centuries of evolution to enhance their need to hunt. Nose work takes this natural ability and desire of a dog to hunt with scent and turns it into sport that any dog can play. Through games and play, nose work can develop any dog's natural scenting abilities to their finest.

Odor targeting, recognition and detection basics

per 8 week class
  • This class will teach a dog to detect a target odor, locate the source of that target odor and indicate that he has found the target odor. Much like training an explosives, drug or cadaver dog, we train dogs to search for the target odor by simply asking the dog, “Is there trained odor present in the search area or not?”, and waiting for his answer.

Odor targeting, recognition and detection advanced

per 8 week class
  • The alert (found it !) is the foundation of detection training. This class covers in detail the steps to creating an incredibly precise, clear, persistent, durable, passive indication to 5 different odors. We will work through the alert, odor discrimination, distraction proofing, distance from target and basic leash handling. 

Odor detection in the service and medical world

per 8 week class
  • There are many dogs now that can sniff out medical issues that even doctors weren't aware of. Dogs can pick up on tiny changes in the human body, from a tiny shift in our hormones to the release of volatile organic compounds released by cancer cells. This class will cover training a service dog to detect specific chemical changes in the owners body whether for diabetes, seizures or cancer.


  • Purchase all four detection classes.  
  • At the end of this series your dog will be able to target 5 different odors of your choice or the 5 most common canine cancers if you wish be become part of our detection services.
  • All medical alert service dogs should do this series of classes.

Requirements for Training

  • You and your dog come to training once a week for a couple of hours between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm at Play Your Way in Tucson, AZ. Private lessons and day training are also available.
  • The first 2 months  training (8 week class) is to see if the dog has the interest, willingness and aptitude for the work, then another 4 months (2 more 8 week classes) to hone all the skills learned and really commit to the work.
  • For those who would like to fast track through the process, private lessons are available 2 to 3 times per week.  There will be no board and train or day training of these dogs.  You are a team with your dog, just like a Therapy Dog Team.
  • You the owner must be commited. Be sure that you are on board with this and can make your training class every week.  There will be no exceptions other then severe illness or accident.
  • The compensation is that the dogs who are able to do it will proudly be part of a published scientific study. Dogs who have gone through the entire training program will be part of our studies and will earn a wage. These dogs will also be helping other dogs and cats along the way.
  • No prior scent detection training is required at all. The dog has to be high energy, VERY willing and motivated to work for food and able to handle a lot of repetition. If the dog is crate trained that is a definite plus, so that they can wait in a crate during breaks. The dog must know Leave It, and have enough self control that he can pay attention to the learning process and not the other dogs.
  • We will favour certain breeds and breed mixes.  
  • We adhere to current hospital standards and good laboratory practice in handling of the biologicals. The biologicals are secured inside metal baskets when not in use and all care is given to the scent preparation process so that there is no contact with the dogs’ noses. The owners will be asked to sign a waiver saying that they understand any potential risk involved.


per section
  • Private lessons happen 2 to 3 times per week and are very intensive.  Homework is maximized as this is a fast track method of learning scent work and still have reliability.  The minimum time to complete all three sections averages 3 months.


  • With Immersion Training you and your dog will be living with us and working 4 to 6 hours per day.  There are lots of breaks and plenty of play to reduce the stress of this form of training.
  • Room and board are covered for one month.

4811 E Hampton St
Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone: (727) 686-4246