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* Basic, Advanced and Public Access Obedience
* Individual task training for medical support
* Individual task training for mobility, stability and assistance
* Odor detection and alert in the service and medical world

Group Obedience Classes

per 8 week class
  • Our group classes meet twice a week with a public outing once or twice a month.  You can come for both meetings or just one each week.  
  • Once a month is education day which is required.  We cover such topics as service dog law, health and nutrition for your service dog, grooming and general care, etc.
  • When necessary due to financial restrictions, group classes can be paid for on a monthly basis of $100 per month.

Private Obedience Training Lessons

6 private lessons
  • Private obedience lessons cover all that is necessary to pass the public access test and become certified.  6 weeks is usually not enough to accomplish this depending on the dog's prior training.
  • A dog with no training or a puppy of at least 6 months would need 4 packages of private training.
  • All those doing private lessons are invited to all public access outings and required to attend education day along with the group attendees.

Private Task Training Lessons

8 private lessons
  • Task training covers those behaviors that are necessary individually for you dog to mitigate your disability and make life easier for you.
  • Tasks cover mobility, stability, household chores, alerting to medical conditions or substances in food or the environment.  
  • We also train hearing dogs.
  • All those doing private lessons are invited to all public access outings and required to attend education day along with group attendees.

Two on Two off Board and Train

6 months training two weeks each month
  • We have found that straight board and train does not work, especially not for service dogs.  However, board and train does work if it in alternated with time at home building the relationship and teaching the dog that what is learned with the trainer applies at home.
  • This type of board and train is especially necessary for puppies under 6 months of age and of course they would then need private lessons later until they are 18 months and can be certified.

Requirements for Training

  • You and your dog come to training once a week for a couple of hours between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm at Play Your Way in Tucson, AZ. Private lessons and day training are also available.
  • The first 2 months  training (8 week class) is to see if the dog has the interest, willingness and aptitude for the work, then another 4 months (2 more 8 week classes) to hone all the skills learned and really commit to the work.
  • For those who would like to fast track through the process, private lessons are available 2 to 3 times per week.  Board and train is set up in 2 week increments so that you have time with your dog to bond and learn.  You are a team with your dog, just like a Therapy Dog Team.
  • You the owner must be commited. Be sure that you are on board with this and can make your training class as scheduled.  There will be no exceptions other then severe illness or accident.
  • Service dog teams are a partnership.  There are many things the human end of the leash must learn as well as what the dog learns.
  • No prior training is required at all. The dog has to be medium to high energy, VERY willing and motivated to work for food and able to handle a lot of repetition. If the dog is crate trained that is a definite plus, so that they can wait in a crate during breaks. The dog must know Leave It, and have enough self control that he can pay attention to the learning process and not the other dogs.
  • We will favour certain breeds and breed mixes.  
  • We adhere to current hospital standards and good laboratory practice in handling of the biologicals. The biologicals are secured inside metal baskets when not in use and all care is given to the scent preparation process so that there is no contact with the dogs’ noses. The owners will be asked to sign a waiver saying that they understand any potential risk involved.

4811 E Hampton St
Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone: (727) 686-4246